Why choose


  • Service to our investors - 100% fully transparent investment with 5% or 7% returns over 4 year period.

  • Service to our tenants - Provide quality & affordable accommodation in demand locations.

Our success is measured in the service we provide

  • A single point of contact from sourcing UK property and bringing purchase to settlement and exchange.

  • On-Going Management of property or sale of renovated property.

  • 100% compliance with local statutory reporting, regulations and insurances through registered UK financial institutions.

  • 100% Financial Transparency:  Access to company accounting platform, monthly asset performance reporting and commitment to respond to all communication within 24 hours.

We offer fully managed investment

Common Considerations when buying into property market

Significant due diligence is conducted before any purchase is made to quantify demand area. Should occupancy fall creating yields below 10% in any property a secondary strategy will be applied to a property to ensure returns are maintained to company standard. 


Low Vacancy Rate

All modelling calculations based on interest rate of 4.5% & 75% LVR. If mortgage rates go higher this will have direct impact on Nett cashflow p/month. Only by working with specialised mortgage advisors the business can ensure its fully leveraged and the best possible rates are being applied across the entire portfolio.


Higher interest Rate – Higher Lending LVR

House prices are in a constant state of flux - Rising or Falling - However have no direct impact onto business revenue model. Cash Return is generated from renting rooms – Not sale of property. If market goes does there is a potential to secure properties at a lower purchase price however the rental p/room is modelled on GBP 80 P/Room P/Week.


Decrease in House Value

By not focusing in 1 area or property class the  business has ensured asset base is diversified over multiple counties and strategies. Also having a network of 6 local sourcing agents placed throughout region will ensure stock is always diversified.


Decrease in valuable property stock

Unknown at this stage. GBP Rate has remained in lower conversion ranges for past 3 years however showing higher volatility during recent Brexit discussions. Business model is de-risked as investing not on asset value but rather rental yield from occupancy. Investments & return always quoted in GBP and investor has option to leave money in GBP and transfer to local currency when rates are showing more favourable ranges.



Brexit - GBP Conversion - Uncertainty in market

Standard exit & liquidation clauses clearly defined in legal agreement between investor & PW Property Investments LTD. Should early exit from agreement by either party be deemed necessary a 6 month notice period must be given and a 2% early redemption charge will apply. 


Company Credit Risk